Warriors - Code of Conduct


By accepting membership of Shellharbour City Warriors Baseball Club, each player agrees to abide by and follow the Code of Conduct. Breach of this agreement will result in the player being subject to disciplinary action by the club and/or the Illawarra Baseball League.

The Illawarra Baseball League holds the Club Executives of Warriors Baseball Club responsible for their players, non-playing members and supporters.

The Club Executive shall answer for any penalties or fines resulting from any actions made by non-playing or non-registered supporters which may be against the laws or ethics of Illawarra Baseball or which brings the game into disrepute.

Each member agrees,

As an individual participating in any Warriors Baseball Club team as a player, coach or other official representing the club to be subject to the following guidelines:

  • There will be no participation in any activity which may bring discredit upon a team, a club, the League or the game of baseball.
  • There will be no derogatory comments or verbal or physical abuse of any player, coach, official or spectator.
  • There will be no criticising or arguing with an Umpires decision. If players disagree with a decision they will have their coach or team manager seek clarification.
  • There will be no throwing, kicking or projecting any object in rage, anger or frustration.
  • There will be no wilful damage of any equipment.
  • There will be no use of illegal substances and no smoking while participating in a game.
  • There will be no drinking of alcohol while in Club playing uniform.
  • There will be no use of language which is foul or offensive.

As a member of any Warriors Baseball Club team to:

  • Work hard for themselves, their team and the club
  • Co-operate with team and club officials, team mates and opponents.
  • Ensure that their supporters at all times follow the intent of the Code of Conduct and do not bring the club, Illawarra Baseball League or the game of baseball into disrepute.